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Top Ten and first Open for Espargaro

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Top Ten and first Open for Espargaro

Espargaro admitted he found the going tough in Texas and he had to settle for ninth in the race, as the first ‘Open’ rider once again, having started the season so well in fourth place in Qatar.

The Spanish rider struggled with chattering on Sunday and preferred to take a conservative approach and get some points. He Spaniard is now fifth in the championship with 20 points.

“In the morning Warm Up we struggled a lot due to the front chattering and the same thing happened in the race. I couldn’t push. I had to be a bit conservative, focusing on finishing the race and getting some points. It was very frustrating but it was impossible for me to push more today. Anyway I’m confident for the next GP and I look forward to race in Argentina,” said Espargaro on Sunday evening.

It was an unlucky weekend for Colin Edwards who had hoped for another good result in his home Grand Prix after finishing in the top ten in Qatar.

Edwards had qualified towards the back of the grid and struggled a lot during the race, unfortunately having to stop with four laps to go due to a mechanical issue.

The Texas Tornado admitted, “We struggled the whole weekend and I also had an issue with my front tyre, that made my race even more complicated. With four laps left I had problems with the fuel pressure and my bike stopped, when I was on the back straight.”

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