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Point for Barbera on a tough weekend for Avintia

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Point for Barbera on a tough weekend for Avintia

The visit to Texas turned out to be a difficult one for the Avintia Racing team with Barbera struggling in the race from the third lap onwards due to a lack of front end grip, whist his teammate Mike di Meglio was also off the pace at the back of the field.

The Spanish rider commented, “It was maybe the hardest race of my life and definitely felt like one of the longest. Three laps in the front tyre was gone and the bike wasn’t turning well in the right hand corners. Every time I went into a corner I thought I was going to crash, so you could say my race was over from the beginning. I was just trying not to crash and to finish the race.”

He continued, “I got a point which was not bad in the circumstances. The thing is you can’t even collect data like that as it’s not worth anything. You are not focused on what you should be and you’re going 20 km/h below what you want to on the apex of the corner. I can’t say I enjoyed it but it was important to finish the race and out of respect for the team I didn’t want to retire. I gave everything I could.”

It was also tough going for teammate Di Meglio who also felt uncomfortable during the race and had to settle for 18th place, building up more experience and getting further mileage under his belt in the MotoGP™ class.

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